November 6, 2017

Vendor Selection/Management Sub Page


Some examples of vendor selection projects we've managed:

  • Development of Vendor Management Models and Operating Structure
  • Creation of Vendor Performance Management Metrics for Streamlined Oversight
  • Establishment of Reports For Effective Study and CRO Management

With the growing dependence on external suppliers, its not surprising that getting things done in BioPharma are only getting more complex. Sponsors dedicate far too many resources to vendor management and oversight out of an abundance of caution, making an already expensive investment even more costly and constraining important resources which could be used elsewhere.  Pharmica’s project managers help clients build the right relationships with their vendor partners while maintaining the proper balance of autonomy and oversight.

Pharmica can help reduce the complexity while strengthening the sponsor-vendor relationship. When you want flexible yet truly integrated clinical operations, Pharmica can help you Get Better.

"Our Pharmica consultants continue to provide that extra support that is a tremendous help to the team.  They are doing an excellent job and it is much appreciated."

 Vice President, Clinical Safety & Pharmacovigilance