New Trends in Clinical Trials Focus on Patient Engagement

A recent BioPharma Dive article on the five trends changing clinical trials – patient centricity, tapping into technology (e.g. mobile devices), wearables (e.g. remote blood glucose monitors), flexibility (in trial design), and automated site supplies – has an interesting trend in the article itself.  So, what’s the overarching trend?  Four out of the five trends[…]

Patient Engagement Solutions – Portal Use is on the Rise

As a patient engagement solution, healthcare portals are nothing new.  But for healthcare providers, getting patients to use their portals hasn’t been easy.  Now it looks like portal use is on the rise and with that a hope of greater patient engagement. A recent CDW survey of 200 patients and providers has shown a jump[…]

Better Pharma Change Management on the Way to the Cloud… and in the Pre-check Line

I recently took a vacation that involved a major airline flight. I don’t travel for business, so it’s been a little while since I’ve flown.  When I printed my boarding passes, I noticed that I was registered for the TSA Pre-check, and although I heard about it on the news, I really didn’t know what[…]

What is Digital Medicine?

Digital technology has gradually become embedded in medicine over the last 50 years. Walk into any hospital and it is pervasive. Everything is wired. Most of these wired technologies address standard patient care concerns such as patient records and patient monitoring (heart monitors, blood pressure, and others.) The typical hospital room looks as if bowls[…]

Digital Medicine: Is there an App for Motivation?

In my last blog post, I talked about the 3 biggest barriers for Pharma entering into digital medicine.  I hesitated to include what might potentially be the biggest barrier to digital medicine improving health outcomes:  health engagement and the motivation to activate it. It’s a barrier which vexes the population at large — not to mention, me[…]

Carlin, SharePoint and Mid-Size Pharmas: For the Love of ‘Stuff’

Remember the George Carlin bit about “stuff”? If you’ve never seen it—or if you just need a five-minute break—go to YouTube and check it out. It was 30 years ago when Carlin shared his astute and ever-humorous observations about our addiction to “stuff”. This included his belief that a house is nothing more than “a pile of[…]

Resource Management: To Algorithm or Not to Algorithm?

Demand forecasting—the ability to project demand by role and project—is an important part of resource management. Companies conduct demand forecasting in several ways. Some have project managers enter demand by role for, say, 12 months. Others communicate standards to help drive consistency in how project managers estimate demand. Still, others create demand forecasting algorithms to[…]

Mobile Health Apps and Gamification – Who is Playing Who?

There is a fantastic console game which borrows the time-honored video game tradition of having a narrator/ sidekick guide you through learning how to play the game.  Once the player is familiar with the basic controls, the narrator drives much of the game’s action. They direct the player to tasks which will help both the player and[…]

Pharma: Not Everyone is a Project Manager But Everyone Manages Projects

The other day, a client asked me to define “project management.” I defined it broadly as the organization and management of work in an effective and useful manner. Based on that definition, I asserted that everyone in the pharmaceutical industry is a project manager. And I suggested that the more important question is not what project management[…]