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Patient Engagement Solutions: Cleveland Clinic On Not Being Dumb With Smartphone Apps

What can you do to improve patient engagement solutions?  As part of its series of “Pop Health” forums, HIMMS last week invited Cleveland Clinic Chief Experience Officer Adrienne Boissy, MD, to speak.   She shared Cleveland Clinic’s insights on how to improve patient engagement.  Her key message:  more apps are not the answer. Dr. Boissy was[…]

What is Digital Medicine?

Digital technology has gradually become embedded in medicine over the last 50 years. Walk into any hospital and it is pervasive. Everything is wired. Most of these wired technologies address standard patient care concerns such as patient records and patient monitoring (heart monitors, blood pressure, and others.) The typical hospital room looks as if bowls[…]

Digital Medicine: Is there an App for Motivation?

In my last blog post, I talked about the 3 biggest barriers for Pharma entering into digital medicine.  I hesitated to include what might potentially be the biggest barrier to digital medicine improving health outcomes:  health engagement and the motivation to activate it. It’s a barrier which vexes the population at large — not to mention, me[…]

Top 3 Reasons Pharma is not Embracing mHealth and Digital Medicine

Forget Jay-Z & Beyoncé, Brad & Angelina, and Kermit & Miss Piggy– Digital Medicine and Pharma seem like the perfect couple.   On one hand, you have Pharma. Companies hurting from patent expirations, hungry for innovation and new revenue but flush with resources and capability to develop therapies, test their effectiveness and put them in the hands of doctors.  On the[…]

Digital Medicine: Can a Pittsburgh magician’s advice help Pharma innovate?

There’s a piece of advice I’ve used many times over the past 20 years, and when it comes to Pharma and digital medicine, once again it rings true. I used to go to a magic shop on Carson Street in Pittsburgh when I spent a summer in the area during high school. My friends and I would watch the[…]

Mobile Health Apps and Gamification – Who is Playing Who?

There is a fantastic console game which borrows the time-honored video game tradition of having a narrator/ sidekick guide you through learning how to play the game.  Once the player is familiar with the basic controls, the narrator drives much of the game’s action. They direct the player to tasks which will help both the player and[…]

March Madness: Figuring out Digital Medicine and Mobile Health on Capitol Hill

My undergrad alma mater, La Salle University, has won its first NCAA tournament game. Not since the days of Lionel Simmons have they had a chance to compete in college basketball’s ultimate showdown.  March Madness is a time of elation, frustration, and surprises. Ultimately the dust settles with a college basketball champion. Now March Madness[…]