November 6, 2017

Resource Management Sub Page


Some examples of resource management projects we've managed:

  • Resource Forecasting and Gap Analysis
  • Named Resource Planning
  • Portfolio Simulation and Scenario Planning
  • Project/Portfolio Management Capability Assessment
  • Drug Development Team Strategic Assessment
  • R&D/Clinical Resource Management Tools

Getting organized with resource management or portfolio management often ends up turning a molehill into a mountain. You’re expected to keep your company running lean and mean.  Pharmica’s experienced project managers implement tailored solutions to keep you organized — not a bureaucracy that becomes work unto itself.

Big company solutions for resource and portfolio management are a dime a dozen. These solutions can quickly overrun your organization with red tape. Pharmica is consistently cited by its clients for enabling their teams’ success — not loading them down with needless administration.

"Our Pharmica consultants continue to provide that extra support that is a tremendous help to the team.  They are doing an excellent job and it is much appreciated."

 Vice President, Clinical Safety & Pharmacovigilance