New Trends in Clinical Trials Focus on Patient Engagement

trends in clinical trials

A recent BioPharma Dive article on the five trends changing clinical trials – patient centricity, tapping into technology (e.g. mobile devices), wearables (e.g. remote blood glucose monitors), flexibility (in trial design), and automated site supplies – has an interesting trend in the article itself.  So, what’s the overarching trend?  Four out of the five trends in clinical trials are in the realm of patient engagement.

Advances in patient engagement technology are changing the landscape in clinical trials.  These advances enable more cost-effective studies. With escalating financial pressures, organizations have no choice but to adapt. Companies are starting to incorporate these cutting-edge technologies.  The result?  Improved patient experience while reducing costs and getting products to market faster.

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Patient Centered Development –
Improve Study Results Through Better Communication

Pharmica Take

Better patient engagement is rapidly becoming a critical focus in clinical development. Now that patients are being heard through advocacy and support groups, pharma companies are listening.  They are realizing the value of patient-focused development.

The increased use of patient engagement technology has benefited patient recruitment, retention, and clinical trial outcomes. Enabling technologies support information sharing and data management. Both will improve engagement through all phases of development.

Implementing effective patient-driven strategies will:

  • empower patients
  • improve study design
  • speed up enrollment
  • increase retention

Really, should this be a surprise to anyone in the biopharma industry?  The adage “give the people what they want” springs to mind.  Today’s population is more tech savvy (and time pressured) than ever.  They care more about their health. And most would be far more open to taking part in clinical trials if they understood the process and could be involved without too much of a drain on their already limited time.  More participation from patients AND lower cost trials?  Increased patient engagement sounds like a win-win to us.