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Process Imrovement Archives - Pharmica Consulting

Will Remote Clinical Trials Become the New Norm?

By some counts, prescription drug costs account for 20% of all healthcare costs.  The cost of getting a drug to market reaching well over a billion dollars and there is a growing scrutiny of money-conscious consumers. It is not hard to see why pharma companies are searching to find ways to reduce costs. Clinical trials[…]

Can Drug Development be AGILE? – Part II

Agile Methodology is not new – except in the realm of clinical drug development.  As you will see, there are ways to use this old IT technique to enhance your drug development team’s chances of hitting their goals. Agile methods were developed to overcome weaknesses in a conventional engineering process.  Agile development can provide important benefits.[…]

Can Agile Methodology Improve Clinical Management?

Can an old theory and a new technology help redefine a new way for pharmaceutical companies to undertake complex drug development project management?   Fill out the form below to download our white paper. [Form id=”10″]

Tabby’s Star: Astrophysics, Consulting, and Being Great

KIC 8462852. Where’s the Flux? Tabby’s Star. These names may mean nothing to you. But they all refer to an interesting star about 1500 light years from Earth. “But Andy,” you say, “what could this star have to do with SharePoint … or consulting . . . or whatever it is you’re supposed to be[…]

A Clinical Project Manager Takes a Walk in the Woods…with the Clinical Development Team

All drug development programs are not created equal, and rarely are they the same within a single therapeutic area. A project manager on a drug development team needs to optimize the team network available. He also needs to use gained experience since a program can take many paths. As I make my initial assessment of[…]

Understanding Kaizen: It’s Mathematical

Math is the Queen of Science, beautiful and precise.  With math there is no wiggle room, it is not open to interpretation.  Math is black and white, 1’s and 0’s, and not something you can spin.  It is what it is.  So how is kaizen like math? Both are Principle Based We’ve all seen examples[…]

SharePoint Maturity and Kardashev: 0.72 H

A common question we get asked at Pharmica is how we measure organizational maturity in terms of how a client uses SharePoint.  Many times the client has a complex way of scoring various facets of collaboration and productivity, coming up with a score or a range on a continuum.  This then shows progress (or not),[…]

Clinical Operations Process Improvement Metrics (Part IV – Getting It Right)

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, many companies struggle with getting their metrics right. Examples of these struggles abound but usually fall into three general groups.  Last time I talked about collecting too much data.  Now I will discuss the second one, poor/misaligned data or lagging metrics. Each company is different and must decide for itself which[…]

Business Process Improvement: Observations on “El Clasico”

It is natural for us to think about business process improvement in transactional terms, like improving the way employees enter and retrieve data from software and hardware systems.  But, in our global business era, agility and adaptability are critical organizational traits.  Business process performance is dependent on personal qualities such as individual motivation, creativity, contextual[…]