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Data Visualization & Analytic Archives - Pharmica Consulting

Determining, Integrating, and Displaying your Metrics and Data

From business to education and from manufacturing to marketing; for better or for worse, metrics are the lever with which one moves the modern business world. Whether its Kaizen, Six-Sigma or even the Agile development process, determining and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your processes requires metrics, particularly as they pertain to goals and[…]

Three Key Reasons to Switch to Interactive Data Visualization

Are you still using static visuals when interactive data visualization is available?  What is data visualization?!  I’m glad you asked. Data visualization is the presentation of information in a graphical form such that you can glean insights or make decisions.  It helps one communicate information effectively, efficiently and clearly. In today’s environment, traditional tools used[…]

Clinical Operations Process Improvement Metrics (Part V – Take the Long View)

In previous blog posts, I’ve zeroed in on two of the three main areas where companies struggle with metrics. This time, I’ll focus on the third – the use of short-sighted metrics. “Localized metrics” are metrics that measure small (individual or departmental) goals. They do not have a link to broader company objectives. This use can[…]

From Data-Entry Screen to Dashboard – Data Integration, Metrics, and Reporting

Metrics Percent of effort… days to review… delivery time. So much data, so little time. Whether trying to measure employee satisfaction, departmental performance or company profit, business needs to keep track of the data that will allow them to make informed and accurate decisions. No doubt your organization is already collecting a great deal of data. Most[…]

CRO Data Integration: Your CTMS or Mine?

The pharmaceutical industry in 2013 will continue the downsizing of drug development operations.  In doing this, they will place an ever-greater reliance on strategic CRO alliances and collaborative technologies. As sponsors increase their reliance on CROs, the need for better collaboration and more transparency will also increase. Data Collection In managing a study, CROs must use[…]

Improving Clinical Operations Metrics (Part 1 – Metrics That Matter)

In the pharmaceutical industry, costs are becoming an increasingly scrutinized component of the clinical development process.  Companies are looking to increase profits by getting drugs to market faster. They are trying to bolster margins by conducting trials with the fewer and fewer resources.  Along these lines, many clinical operations groups are collecting clinical trial metrics as fast as they[…]