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Matt Hendricks, Author at Pharmica Consulting

Patient Engagement – Ensuring Diversity in Clinical Trials

No one would disagree that diversity in clinical trials is critical.  Diversity ensures that novel drugs will be effective and safe for all patients.  But, a new FDA report shows that clinical trials may not reflect real-world demographics.  And these trials may not be diverse enough to ensure patient safety. For instance, the latest report shows only 48% of drug[…]

Concierge & Coaches: Mayday for Patient Engagement in Clinical Trials?

About five years ago, Amazon launched its contribution into the already crowded tablet market, the Kindle Fire.  While at its core it was like many other Android based tablets, Amazon built Kindle Fire’s user interface from the ground up.  It included some innovative features unseen in other similar products. One of the more innovative features was[…]

Do Patients Really Want to Use Your Patient Portal?

In June of 2016, commissioned a survey conducted by Harris Poll of 2,025 adults aged 18 or older.  Of these adults, there were 1,736 who had both medical insurance and a primary care doctor. Respondents were sub-grouped, based on generational demographics: Baby Boomers (55+) Generation ‘X’ (35-54) Millennials (18-34) The survey included data on patients’ interest[…]

Patient Engagement Ideathon Winner: Changing the Message of Clinical Trials

The Center for Information & Study On Clinical Research Participation concluded its first Ideathon. The $10,000 prize went to C2: The Clinical Study Change Agent Collective. The team included members of FCB Health with input from a few notable Pharma companies as reported in this press release. Ideas for Patient Engagement in Clinical Trials The team[…]

Patient Engagement Solutions: Cleveland Clinic On Not Being Dumb With Smartphone Apps

What can you do to improve patient engagement solutions?  As part of its series of “Pop Health” forums, HIMMS last week invited Cleveland Clinic Chief Experience Officer Adrienne Boissy, MD, to speak.   She shared Cleveland Clinic’s insights on how to improve patient engagement.  Her key message:  more apps are not the answer. Dr. Boissy was[…]

The Cancer Moonshot Blue Ribbon Panel Sounds Off on Patient Engagement in Healthcare

President Obama’s Cancer Moonshot has released its first draft report, and patient engagement in healthcare is at the top of the agenda. Several working groups highlighted a number of needs.  In the report, they focus on patients and the mandate for fundamentally restructuring research.  This included both the pharmaceutical industry and academic institutions. It’s clear[…]

How to Make Your SharePoint 2013 Migration Like a Summer Vacation

Recently there has been a flood of requests for help in migrating to SharePoint 2013. It seems that the levee is finally breaking and companies are making the switch, some of whom are going to Office 365. Like any major undertaking, companies want to ensure they are making the most of the transition. So along[…]

Resource Management: Less Complex Algorithms – More Meaningful Insights Part II

In part one of this blog, I told you how tired our client was of talking about algorithms. The frustration stemmed from the fact that algorithms should perfectly predict resource needs. But difficulty pinpointing the correct factor or two, office politics, and using overly complex algorithms get in the way of accurate predictions. Our client was much[…]

Resource Management: Less Complex Algorithms – More Meaningful Insights Part I

I had coffee with one of our resource capacity planning clients last Tuesday. He candidly admitted to me that he was sick of talking about algorithms.  I immediately understood his frustration and agreed.  Let me explain why. You’d likely agree with me if I said efficiency is important when it comes to process design and customer-focused[…]

Digital Medicine: Is there an App for Motivation?

In my last blog post, I talked about the 3 biggest barriers for Pharma entering into digital medicine.  I hesitated to include what might potentially be the biggest barrier to digital medicine improving health outcomes:  health engagement and the motivation to activate it. It’s a barrier which vexes the population at large — not to mention, me[…]

Top 3 Reasons Pharma is not Embracing mHealth and Digital Medicine

Forget Jay-Z & Beyoncé, Brad & Angelina, and Kermit & Miss Piggy– Digital Medicine and Pharma seem like the perfect couple.   On one hand, you have Pharma. Companies hurting from patent expirations, hungry for innovation and new revenue but flush with resources and capability to develop therapies, test their effectiveness and put them in the hands of doctors.  On the[…]

Digital Medicine: Can a Pittsburgh magician’s advice help Pharma innovate?

There’s a piece of advice I’ve used many times over the past 20 years, and when it comes to Pharma and digital medicine, once again it rings true. I used to go to a magic shop on Carson Street in Pittsburgh when I spent a summer in the area during high school. My friends and I would watch the[…]